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Shout Out for Nuzlocke Cameos

Hey hey party people!

So a few months ago I mentioned that since I didn’t make it past the second round of the tourney that I would be making the rest of Calcifer’s story (especially her mostly unspoken past) into a nuzlocke. Since I love all of you dearly (and hate drawing the same npcs over and over) I’m calling all my PDL peeps for cameos throughout her journeys in Hoenn.

If you’d like to be in the background, be in interaction, etc with Cal on her journey to being the dare devil babe we all know and love, you can like, reblog, or reply to this shout out.

Thanks everyone! I hope you’ve had a great time in this tourney, and I hope to see more of you soon! 

18 April 2014 · 7 notes

young doofuses

15 January 2014 · 4 notes

dont expect this any time soon, but…..

05 January 2014 · 1 note


Happy New Year, you crazy quagsires

31 December 2013 · 3 notes

in case yall have been wondering where I’ve been here is the first half of my character study for Calcifer’s Nuzlocke 

Coming probably not soon to a forum near you! 

31 December 2013 · 1 note

this is what my art used to look like

recycling old christmas art since i wont have time to make anything before tomorrow [plus amphid in an elf hat like come on it’s a classic] 

merry christmas everyone!! 

24 December 2013 · 2 notes

ohman I’m so glad npcs are allowed to participate in the thing because I want to participate in the thing 

30 November 2013 · 2 notes

So we did not pass r3, and while this does make me a bit sad [cries I wanted the prizes so bad] I am still proud of what I was able to accomplish last round in spite of all my circumstances.

That being said, I hope you all will be warm and welcoming to Calcifer as she joins most of us in the npc corner.I plan to comic/ write out the rest of her story for everyone to see, and now that I’m no longer constricted by rounds I can back track a little to get the little bits I missed to make the deadlines.

Look forward to it! Her story is far from over, I can promise you that. 

28 November 2013 · 6 notes

17 November 2013 · 7 notes


17 November 2013 · 2 notes