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So after gif spam the other night Audge and I were talking about Adrian as gollum and from there it just…kind of….grew….

so we are proud to introduce our collective brain fart aka LOTR au! 

We also made a list of characters to fill certain slots but feel free to add on if you’re not on the list and/ or you wanna change something on the list.

list is here.

Disclaimer: This was a thing we did for fun feel free to follow in our footsteps or ignore us completely. We did not leave any one out on purpose and anyone can join in if they very well please.

If you want a full view go here!

07 September 2013 · 22 notes

Tagged: pdl. hobbits au aw ye. im gonna do more doodles omg. so much fun. favorite thing. i love lotr ok. pdl-prettyboy. pdl-losers. grumpy-boy. highroller-holliday. pdlfishingfollies. pdl-jr-adventurer. prof-arachis.